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Violynn, currently a Reading Partners literacy tutor, has made volunteering and service staples in her life from the time she was very young. Her first introduction to service happened as a result of values she formed through involvement with her church and faith based programs, and she lived out those values by giving back through a wide variety of acts of service throughout her life. Through a lifetime of service, she has given back to youth as a mentor, a tutor and educator. “It provided an outlet for me. Which I think is something that you give, but you also get back.”

She feels that volunteering has made her a stronger, more well-rounded person, and helped her realize and develop her innate leadership potential.Currently, Violynn is giving back by tutoring children who are behind grade level improve their literacy skills. She’s enjoyed helping her students grow both academically and personally as they learn and gain more skill in confidence with their reading. “When I go there, and you see the children’s smiling faces, and everyone is just like ‘Oh hi! How are you? Let’s work with the words now!’; When you have that sort of interaction, it really brightens your day and really makes you feel good.”

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